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Our team aims to be successful in a fast-changing business environment. Using the best software development practices among our group of young, but highly experienced specialists, striving to help with the process automation and cutting down on expenses. Elvisolutions are dedicated to create the highest quality custom IT solutions, understand your business problems and bring robust innovation at every stage of software development lifecycle.


IT consulting services are specifically designed to focus on your needs, with constant cooperation based on analysis and advice. Our team will analyse your business strategy, look at your case, and consult our knowledge base to come up with either a tech-driven digital strategy or a single solution, with the intention of increasing both profits and the effectiveness of your business processes.




Elvisolutions specializes in individual software development projects, with the aim of helping businesses take the next step in using IT solutions. Our goal is to plan and execute automatization and process changes that brings profit and effectiveness for clients.




We offer goal-oriented and client-centric web development services for performance-driven businesses by developing digital solutions for today's market.



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Supplying business with custom IT solutions

Read our success stories to find out how Elvisolutions supplies different industries and optimizes their processes 

One of the largest engineering and surveying measurement company in Lithuania used a subscription-based CRM system that did not meet the company’s needs and they have reached to Elvisolutions for developing a custom business management system. After finding out the needs of the company, the development of a system was started, the creation and development of the system is going on for the fifth year.

A developed system offers:

  Track of company’s sales and expenses

  Employees performance and profitability managment

  Finance managment 

  Flexible settings which allows to completely change systems configuration.

The custom management system allowed all employees to work remotely and with other seen benefits the development is planned along with other projects that will allow to expand and manage work bringing greater profits to the company

A construction company operating in Lithuania and Sweden reached out to Elvisolutions for software development witch would automate and facilitate company’s management procedures as finance calculations, invoice and report preparations were hand-done by managers. As the company grew, the number of employees and the workload automatically increased, along with all the above-mentioned procedures, which consumed more and more time.

After identifying the difficulties faced by the company, a custom system was developed which:

  Automated procedures:

            Employees management
            Task Management
            Salaries management
            File management

  Facilitated company’s work with remote communications (SMS API was integrated)

  Allows to have full overview of performance and statistics.

As a result the company’s productivity was improved and the system allowed employees to work easier in distributed (remote) teams.

Elvisolutions has developed an easy to use software that can adapt to any individual company and allow small – medium businesses save more time and money with process automation, become more organized and manage their finances more efficiently.

The system offers:

  Automatic invoice creation and management

  Signing invoices on fly and delivering directly to the customer in PDF format.

  Track of invoice status and sending reminders

  Storing all customers information in one place

  General overview of company’s finances

Software allows to see 360-degree overview of each customer, and every aspect of business finances, whether you want to see the big picture or zoom in on the details.

Elvisolutions started to maintain and develop a system for Netherland based company that improves municipal services. System allows local residents to report about appearing problems in the city’s particular location (garbage / damaged city property etc.) in just a few clicks using a mobile app.  After a report is received, the city municipality assigns a responsible person to solve the problem. The municipality can see an overview about all the reported problems, track work in progress, distribute it in the city and solve issues with the help of information technology. 

The time has come when the customer decided to migrate systems infrastructure into cloud computing.

Google cloud was chosen as a cloud provider and Elvisolutions team helped to create IT cloud infrastructure and performed the migration which took over 6 months and included terabytes of data being transferred.

  Currently the system runs fully on cloud and utilises these cloud functionalities:

  • Compute engine
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Networking
  • Operations


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